Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is absolutely human

All areas of society face problems and difficulties.
Racing is no different.

Racing has experienced a number of tragic deaths in recent years. The industry has been working to develop supportive responses to the very human issues of addiction.

Asking for help can be hard, but no one needs to be alone with their problem.

Addiction & Recovery | Understanding

Embracing key suggestions is likely to increase the odds of successfully addressing addiction.

Ask for help
Keep an open mind
Take action
Learn from other's recovery
Make recovery a life priority 
Know that anyone can live addiction free


Addiction & Recovery | Support

Racing has been working to recognise addiction as a treatable medical issue, not just as a disciplinary matter. 

The industry has a national drug and alcohol policy, offering employers and employees guidance on understanding and addressing these challenging issues.

The aim is to support people who want help, to get help.

Addiction & Recovery | The Policy

Addiction & Recovery | Experiences