Racing Welfare is a registered charity supporting the workforce of British horseracing.

We offer professional guidance and practical help to the stud, stable and support staff whose dedication is vital for the well-being of racing.

Our work aims to help people, from recruitment to retirement, to thrive in day to day life and through a range of challenges specific to a career in racing.

We have a national network of Welfare Officers based in regional officesOur head office is in Newmarket.

We support current and retired racing staff, and their families. Our work is dependent on donations and successful fundraising activities.

Racing Homes is our housing association.

It provides a limited amount of subsidised accommodation to those who meet the criteria.

The charity was founded and registered in 2000.

Racing Welfare was formed as an amalgamation of several racing charities, with the aim of ensuring that the racing industry had a single charity responsible for the wellbeing of its current and former employees, and their dependents.

Racing Welfare is constituted as a company limited by guarantee, with The Jockey Club as the sole member.

Registered Charity No | 1084042

Governance and Structure:

The Board of Trustees
*Sets and implements direction and strategy
*Approves budgets and capital expenditure

The Chief Executive
*Manages the Charity
*Exercises executive responsibility
*Is accountable to the Trustees
*Reports to The Chairman’s Committee

The Committees
*Monitor and Support:
 Finance, Investment & Audit Committee

 Housing Committee
 Senior Management Committee