Pastoral care in the racing industry

Racing staff have access to support from the National Chaplain to Horseracing, regardless of their religious beliefs, or lack of them.

Racing Welfare offers a wide range of approaches to the support of the industry’s workforce.

Among these, is a chaplaincy service.

The service provides support to individuals or to entire yards or studs, at times of:


In 2000, the service was first introduced increasing support options available to stud, stable and support staff working in the Newmarket area.

In 2014, this was expanded and Pastor Simon Bailey was appointed as a National Chaplain to Horseracing to build a pastoral care team for the support of racing staff throughout the UK.

The British racing industry, along with other sports such as football and rugby, has been innovative in introducing this access to pastoral care. There are over 300 sports chaplains in the UK and Ireland, providing emotional and spiritual care to those involved in professional and amateur sport.

Anyone can contact Simon directly:

07877 981498